Tifa | New Recording Contract, Feature on Netflix Series & Alleged Beef

Recent new recording contract:

“Island Kings was newly formed. Basically, I am their Frankenstein. A group of music industry experts got together to form the label and I am their first project.  Persons that work with J Records, Sony Records and so on have come together. “

On one of her song on Netflix series:

“Body Up which was produced by Stephen McGregor.  It is doing well overseas and my publisher asked me to send in some stuff. They came back and said they wanted the song to be in the television series.  It’s called Hemlock grove, a very popular series that was nominated for an Emmy award last year. I am really excited about that and the episode airs July 11th. ….with all the negative connotation that dancehall and Jamaica have this year that we can do something positive for the culture.”

On alleged beef with Lady Saw:


“I did not have a rival with anybody.  People did their publicity stunt and did what they  needed to do to make people focus on them again, I was doing me …Lady Saw will always be Lady Saw and nobody can take that from her. I think she needs to realize that, she will always be her and she already made a mark in the industry and in the world as who she is.  Nobody can take that from her.  Tifa is just doing Tifa, Tifa don’t care about her, in terms of everything else.  I respect her; I have to, because she paved the way for a lot of us.  But she needs to realize she is a queen, and a queen must sit on their throne comfortable and make everyone else do what they want to do.”