Teddyson John | #ExclusiveListen | First Time

Words by Mystie thongs

Ever so often a song is released, which touches a place in your soul and resonates so soundly with your love for this season that it takes you back to the very "First Time" you ever let go and thoroughly enjoyed Carnival. 

This heartfelt memory in motion is described lyrically by Akeem "Preedy" Chance and Stephanas "Steffy" Ramgattie of WeMad, as they encapsulate the rarely relived virgin jubilation expressed within this single. 

With an unforgettable melodic delivery, the two-time Groovy Monarch Teddyson John translates all of these glorious emotions into song, one well-sung refrain at a time. 

Even as the tastefully saccharine layering of music provided by Team Precision, adds that final level of remembrance, which enables listeners to be carried away in what is sure to be a heavenly festival trance.