Mr. Renzo: X-Rated Start to Carnival 2013

By Mystie thongs

Carnival 2013 is in full motion as Precision Productions keeps the music pumping with a brand new release from Mr. Renzo. “X-Rated” is a bouncy salacious number that encourages the ladies to let go of their inhibitions and simply show off all of their wining skills.  
This track was written by the multitalented Nebula868, who flex their versatile ability on the catchy Precision rhythm. 

The energetic vocal performance by Mr. Renzo receives some extra zest with his bilingualism, which gives him the ability to dash perfect splashes of Spanish throughout the song lacing it with a compelling Latin heat that elevates it beyond expectations. 

The energy keeps flowing straight from the studio out to world as team Precision keeps on making their mark on this upcoming season.  X-rated written by Nebula868 (Clayton Wong, Sean Padmore), Nikholai Greene, & Kasey Phillips. Additional Vocals by Nebula868 (Clayton Wong and Sean Padmore).  Produced & Mixed by - Precision Productions. Mastered by Sterling Sounds